Key School Information

Bringing out the best in every child we teach

We are a school of excellence and strive to bring out the best in every child we teach. Attending school in town makes it easy to take part in community events. Our school band performs annually at the Live Crib, at the ‘Blessing of Animals’ and from time to time in various shopping centres located within the city.

Throughout the school year we attend suitable educational performances in the neighbouring Town Hall Theatre located a very short distance from the school. When the sunshine appears we are fortunate to be situated near ‘The Millennium Playground’ where we have our physical education classes.

We regularly as part of our S.E.S.E. curriculum, take walks around the array of waterways and historical sites situated near our school. We partake in local events and activities whenever possible and believe the cultural education of Galway City offers our students a broad and varied opportunity for extended learning.

Being part of the school involves being part of the city.

Environmental awareness is part of life in Mercy Primary. All the children, supported by the ‘Green School Committee,’ work hard at minding the local environment. Each day, the Green Flag is raised to acknowledge the School’s commitment to the environment.

We are also a ‘Discover Primary Science & Maths’ school. We take part in this initiative annually where we hold a Science and Maths Investigation Day in the school.

When formal school hours’ end, a variety of after-school activities begin. These may include Sports Club, GAA, Arts and Crafts, Knitting and much more. Classes vary from year to year and are provided by teachers or specially selected tutors. 

School Building

The current school building originated in 1875. It was renovated and extended in 1960 and since then, has been continuously refurbished and updated. It is now a 21st century school, each classroom being equipped with up to date technology.

School Facilities

Facilities include a Library, Parents’ Room, Play Room, Smartboards, iPads, Computers, Large School Hall, Kitchen, an Equipped Junior Playground and a Roof-Top Garden.

SALI Childcare

We also have a pre-school and after-school services; SALI Childcare Service Ltd. All of our classes comply with current Department of Education and Skills guidelines.

We also have a pre-school and after-school service run by SALI Childcare Service Ltd. All of our classes comply with current Department of Education and Skills guidelines.


A healthy eating policy operates in the school. Lunch is available free to any child whose parent wishes it to be supplied. Menus are available. All children must bring an empty lunchbox to school to cater for litter.

Our Staff

We have a staff of sixteen teachers which includes our Principal, Deputy Principal, classroom teachers and support teachers. We also have a school secretary and caretaker.

Our Principal: Rena Jordan

Our Deputy Principal: Siobhán Morahan


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