Book Rental Scheme

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To alleviate the cost of schoolbooks, the school operates a loan/rental book scheme.

Details of the loan rental cost are provided to parents each year in May/June or when a pupil is enroled. This is a cost saving initiative for parents.

What is the Mercy Primary Book Rental Scheme?

The Mercy Primary Book Rental Scheme means that the school will purchase all textbooks and workbooks for the children, and parents pay a rental charge to the school each year for the use of these books. It also includes access to online textbooks and resources for use in the classroom.

How does the Book Rental Scheme Work?

Upon enrolment you apply to become a member of the school book rental scheme. Our book rental scheme makes costs significantly less for parents than buying all schools books needed for the school year. Payment is collected by the school in May or June of each year.

Who Owns the Books?

The school remains the owner of all books at all times.

Can I Donate Schoolbooks to the School?

Yes. The school would be delighted to accept any textbooks of good quality that you may own. Any donations would greatly help to reduce the cost of book rental in the long term.

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