Green School Project

Bringing out the best in every child we teach

Green Schools is a country-wide environmental education programme for primary schools that is coordinated by FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education. It is a long-term programme that introduces students, teachers, parents and the wider community to the concept of an environmental management system.


The aim of Green-Schools is to increase students’ awareness of environmental issues through classroom studies. Here at Mercy Primary we take our Green School Project very seriously. The Green School Project is coordinated by our Deputy Principal Siobhán Morahan. We have been awarded 5 Green Flags over the past number of years. This is a testament to all of our pupils who work hard every day to help the environment.

In recent years we have constructed a roof top garden with the assistance of Kay Synott, our caretaker Gerry Higgins, parents and pupils.

Each spring our students get to work in the garden planting and caring for a range of flowers and vegetables.

We are currently working towards being awarded our sixth green flag under the theme “Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste”.

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