Large Indoor Hall

Bringing out the best in every child we teach

Our school has a great indoor hall which also boasts the inclusion of a P.E. Equipment Room. We also use our hall to host several events and concerts throughout our school year.

All classes have access to the hall and have a time allocated to them on our P.E. Timetable.

Our equipment includes:

  • Basketball hoops and basketballs
  • Spikeball nets and balls
  • Indoor hockey equipment
  • GAA equipment
  • A variety of small and large balls
  • Plastic cones, multi markers and hoops
  • Gymnastic mats
  • Balance benches
  • Braids or bibs
  • Plastic racquets and wooden play bats
  • Hockey sticks, hurleys and uni-hoc sticks
  • Wooden, plastic or alloy relay batons
  • Plastic or wire containers
  • Ball-carrying nets

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